Top 10 Defect Types in Production

This 2020 dataset was heavily influenced by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on electronics manufacturing, but pulled from manufacturers with an established remote oversight solution in place. This 22-page report from Instrumental identifies the most common production defect types discovered in 2020, showcases trends from 2019 to 2020, and provides insights on how to prevent potential downtime in 2021.

As teams begin NPI projects without the ability to visit factories or build local rapport, Instrumental customers are continuing to leverage our manufacturing optimization platform to remotely accelerate product maturity. Unlike other methods (like traditional AOI systems or sprinkling cameras all over the line for data collection), Instrumental drives correlations between a variety of data sources to help engineers find and fix root causes – as opposed to simply detecting issues they already knew existed.

Customers who leveraged remote oversight technology like Instrumental were able to continue to improve their processes remotely and prevent the shipment of customer impacting defects that cannot be found through functional testing alone. The successful ramp of our customers during COVID-19 hinged on their ability to remotely discover potential issues, improve failure analysis, quickly validate solutions, and catch any shifts in production.

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Source: Industrial & Manufacturing