Key Findings From The 2019 Guide to Ecommerce Platforms

Retailers are investing in platforms because ecommerce sites are arguably the most important technology for online retailers. Ecommerce platforms need to be easy to work with, modify and customize. And they need to funciton–without fail. This report EXPs how the platform vendor landscape is shifting. EXPs and defines the recent emergece of headless commerce. Aims to provide readers with a better understanding of the ecommerce market so they can make more informed decisions when it comes times to make their investment. Sponsored article is from Peter Sheldon, seniro director commerce startegy, Adobe. – Migrating from today’s responsive web design to tomorrow’s PWA experiences should be a priority for retailers – Flexibility to innovate at their own pace and create highly differentiated buying experiences. They need an agile, integrated platform. – Choose a system integrator that will help define your strategy, requirements and user experience. – Look for a cloud based infastructure that delegates responsibility of infastructure and applications maintenance, service level agreements, security, performance and scalability. – Retailers need to choreograph meaningful shopping experiences. Discy of the Adobe acquisition of Magento Commerce and the latest product updates as a result from that acquisition. Provides the inside scoop on what consumers think about their shopping experiences with data from IR’s survey of 1391 online shoppers. Great insights on shopper satisfaction. 61% shop on mobile, only 52% gave their experience a 10.

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Source: Retail