Holiday Trends Report

Shoppers have changed the way they shop across all channels and it is putting significant pressure on in-store retailers trying to keep profitability up while providing a safe, hygienic and supportive environment for customers and staff.

To help retailers prepare for the upcoming holiday season, Sensormatic is releasing some of the most significant retail holiday trends and predictions from our North American research. This data shows how shoppers plan to act during the holiday season in the United States and Canada, how shoppers plan to act during the holidays and how this can impact retailers.

Download our guide for the top busiest shopping days and insights to help you prepare for the holiday season and learn:

  • How shopper behavior varies from country to country and how they will shop as a result during holiday season
  • How retailers should prepare their staff and stores to maximize returns from holiday customers
  • How Sensormatic Solutions can support retailers during this difficult time

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Source: Retail