Free Proprietary Report: Diversity Recruiting Trends

At Jumpstart, it’s our mission is to make recruiting fair for all.

We’re here to help organizations, like yours, broaden your talent landscape. This boils down to driving equitable opportunities and outcomes to those who have historically been given fewer opportunities in life.

Download this trend report to learn more about the four key takeaways:

  1. Candidates from majority groups tend to apply to more jobs than candidates from minority groups—up to over 100% more jobs
  2. Recruiters on Jumpstart are successful in correcting the underrepresentation among minority groups in their inbound pipeline only by over-indexing on minority groups as part of their sourcing strategy
  3. Candidates from underrepresented groups are more likely to make it to an interview stage than candidates from majority groups
  4. Bias comes later in the interview process. Candidates from underrepresented groups who make it to an interview stage are less likely to be offered the job than candidates from majority groups

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Source: Human Resources