Email: Click with Caution: How to protect against phishing, fraud, and other scams

For many organizations, the move to the cloud has been viewed as a solution. However, the cloud is no silver bullet against the dangers of email. In more cases than not, it’s simply kicking the can down the road. The security issues don’t go away, but rather persist. There are several ways you can minimize the impact email threats have overall. In this paper, we’ll discuss the current threat landscape, providing an overview of the most common email attack types today. We’ll break down how they play out, their goals, and the infrastructure behind them. We’ll discuss what you can do to keep your business safe, as well as how to identify email-borne threats when your users encounter them.


Cisco has built or acquired an interesting stable of complementary security solutions that can help you whether you want to protect your company’s assets or empower your people to work from home securely. Duo, Umbrella and AMP are a compelling trio of solutions that directly address your security challenges in this “new normal.”

TeraMach can help. We are a Cisco GOLD partner; we have our own engineers who know the Cisco products inside and out and we have security architects to help make sense of it all. Reach out to learn more or schedule a discovery session so you can educate us about your environment, and we can understand your challenges and help you build a roadmap to assist.

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