Communicating in a Digital-First World

A steadily rising number of consumers’ interactions with retailers and brands are occurring via digital touchpoints, including live chat, SMS and messaging apps (e.g., Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp Business), replacing legacy channels such as email and phone. This dynamic is forcing retailers to re-evaluate their digital communication strategies, seeking solutions that eliminate friction throughout the customer purchase journey, from pre-sale research to post sale satisfaction. This approach extends conversations across marketing, operations, and customer service channels, all of which an enterprise business needs to manage as one.

Consumers have clearly made known their preference for digital communication channels. And with customer experience (CX) now the primary driver of consumers’ purchase decisions, it’s critical that retailers listen to them and invest in solutions that meet this demand. Doing so will be pivotal for developing long-term, loyal customer relationships as well as driving profitable growth. Furthermore, it will differentiate businesses in a hypercompetitive retail environment.

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Source: Retail